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Interested in becoming a R3Di affiliate? Apply now!

R3Di RS3600 Portable Power Station

Original price $3,999.99 - Original price $3,999.99
Original price
$3,999.99 - $3,999.99
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  • Power: 3600W 2304Wh, 96% Electricity, 2.3 Kilowatts
  • Efficiency: 3600W
  • Highest Constant Output: 4500W
  • Instantaneous Peak Output: 6000W
  • Inverter: Pure Sine Wave
  • DC Output: 240W Max
  • Wireless charger: (1) 15W
  • AC Output: 2400W Max
  • DC Input: 2300W Max
  • Bidirectional Ai Inverter: 3000W
  • Wide Voltage Output Range: 90-2000V
  • Type-C Output: PD 100W Fast Charging
  • LED Light: Ambient Light

  • 3600W / 2304W hours up to 11520 Wh
  • Recharge time from 5% to 90% in hours
  • Supports charging up to 12 devices at one time
  • Sleek design, Supreme Materials
  • Full Tab Design, Fast Heat Dissipation, Good Rate Design
  • Integrated CID and vent design for safety first with more than 10 level safety switches
  • 1,560 hours in the laboratory covering 62 test items and has achieved multiple levels of

Color: Red

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Product expected date: March, 2024

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Introducing the RS3600 Power Station

Introducing the RS3600 Power Station

More power, more fun. Experience the freedom with the R3Di 3600 Power Station — the perfect companion for all your adventuring needs. With 3600W, you can stay powered for days and letting you keep any and all devices charged.

With it's Lego-modular style, additional stackable batteries make it the ultimate mobile power station.